Rebecca -Book review

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Rebecca is a very misunderstood book by Daphne Du Mare according to me. My English teacher, an avid reader who has suggested wonderful books for me to read, thought this was a Gothic murder-mystery tale. My mother described it as a deep book on relations. My views, on the other hand are mixed. Although I think it is a wonderful book with a lasting effect, it is also very deep and I sincerely recommend to read it only after you are a teenager.

The narrator of Rebeca remains unnamed throughout the book. She is a secretary to a frivolous woman. It is through her that our narrator meets Maxim de winter. They fall in love and even though there is a great difference in their ages, they get married and depart to Manderly(which will be further referred to as their home/house), where our narrator meets a couple of servants along with Mrs.Danvers, the main antagonist. Then our narrator learns of Maxim’s first wife, Rebecca. Suddenly, Mrs.Danvers starts comparing the narrator to the seemingly perfect Rebecca. One night, dark secrets come out- secrets that change the life of our protagonist and her husband.

The opening line of Rebecca”Last night I dreamt I went to Manderly again”, are enough to captivate a reader. This also proves the quick wit of Mrs. Mare. She has not revealed the name of the narrator since she( the narrator) has to constantly live in the shadow of Rebecca.

It is believed that Manderly is based on Menabelle, where the author used to live. Notive, both Manderly and Menabelle have the exact same amount of letters(8).

Alfred Hitchcock, famous english director made his debut with Rebecca in 1940, and it remains one of the best film adaptations the book has got.


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